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C-584 | Industrial yellow masking tape

Is the ultimate choice for achieving flawless automotive works. This tape is highly favored by professionals for its ability to delineate edges with precision and protect surfaces in hard-to-reach areas. With its exceptional flexibility, it enables the creation of intricate designs, greatly facilitating the painting process.

Professional automotive industry

Ideal for fine lines and intricate details

Masking and protecting multiple surfaces

including metal, rubber, glass, and plastic.

Superior performance and clean removal

for 30+ days indoors.

Cellux Catalog 2024

At Cellux, we recognize the importance of offering comprehensive technical details about our painters masking tape, including thickness, strength, adhesion, and other pertinent features. Our product catalog is designed to present clear and concise information, aiding customers in swiftly identifying the ideal tape for their specific requirements.

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At Cellux, we excel in delivering premium adhesive tapes, meticulously designed for diverse industries. Our masking tape offers unparalleled versatility, the blue tape ensures reliable adherence, Scotch tape combines precision with reliability, and painters tape provides a perfect blend of flexibility and adhesion. Seamlessly integrating technology and craftsmanship, our tapes empower you to achieve extraordinary results. Elevate your work effortlessly with Cellux – where quality meets innovation for unparalleled performance in every application.

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